Ulmatec Baro AS

Welcome to Ulmatec Baro and our range of products for offshore use.

Since establishment in 1981, Ulmatec Baro have been an active partner for our clients. Our location, with the harsh North Sea as our closest neighbour, makes us very aware of the power of nature. This, combined with a maritime cluster surrounding us, a close working-partnership with our clients and a number of very skilled employees, have made it possible to develop a wide range of specialized offshore products, particularly for marine seismic aquisition.

Some of our achievements:

- Having a leading position in development of marine seismic deflectors (diverters).
- Making the term Barovane become a commonly used terminology for deflectors (diverters)!
- Introduction of ‘vane steering system (DefCon) alowing for remote steering of Barovanes.
- Development of Rigid, self-spreading source floats with steering system.
- Designing seismic source handling system minimizing damages to equipment.
- Manufacturing of Flexible float-system with light-reflective bodies.
- Introduction of Duplex steel and Composite as materials for seismic wide-tow configurations.

We are proud to be a chosen supplier for clients with extreemely high demands, and Baro equipment are in daily use all over the seven seas. So far our ‘vanes are being used in seismic surveys containing up to 18 long streamer cables – and even more powerful ‘vanes will be launched soon. Nobody have ever towed more streamers at such separations than what is accomplished by the use of Barovanes.

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Courtesy of PGS

Courtesy of PGS