Barovane Specifications

Dimensions and lift/drag curves for our standard types of Barovanes. Barovanes for Source separation, small surveys and large 3D operations can all be found here. The well proven stability, combined with outstanding Lift to Drag ratio are just a few of the reasons why our clients have chosen Barovanes.

Newly developed measuring technology have made it possible to collect better full scale datas for the Barovanes. The Lift/Drag diagrams will gradually be updated as we have performed new full scale measurements.

High Performance series for outstanding performance and Maximum separation:
Barovane 43 HP
Barovane 44 HP
Barovane 45 HP
Barovane 46 HP
Barovane 48 HP
Barovane 49 HP
Barovane 410 HP
Barovane 412 HP

High-efficient Barovanes for larger 3D operations, used on regular basis  in 4 to 18 streamers operations:
Barovane 43
Barovane 44
Barovane 45
Barovane 46
Barovane 48
Barovane 49
Barovane 410
Barovane 412

NEW High Performance Compact series for Source separation and HD operations:
Barovane Compact series

NEW DirectTow series for Source separation:
Barovane DirectTow series

Smaller Barovanes for Source separations and smaller surveys:
Barovane 03-2100
Barovane 08-1500
Barovane 08-2000
Barovane 08-2500

Traditonal Barovanes made from Duplex Steel, suitable for 3-8 streamer operations:
Barovane 11
Barovane 15
Barovane 16 (Old design)
Barovane 18 (Old design)


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Courtesy of PGS

Courtesy of PGS