Flexible float system

Baro also manufactures flexible float systems. This system do not require so much deck clearence and might be installed on any vessel. Front floats are delivered in various sizes from small 600 liter floats via the most common 1150, 1500 and 1850 liter sizes and all the way to 2850 l. All of these can be prepared for connection to 12″, 18″ or 24″ flexible hose. Naturally are connectors and fluorescent hoses also available. One of the attractions are the seal system preventing leakages from the float. 

Courtesy of Polarcus


A floatation device is not enough for a sucessful operation – a sub-array is also required. Baro can supply all you need for attaching the Sources to the float. Gun-plates, hardware etc.

Needless to say – all products listed might be modified for special needs. Foundation for GPS, internal wells for electronic equipment, special requirements with respect to physical sizes etc. A flexible productionline are always prepared to tailormake solutions.